Michelle Hickey

I am a dreamer

The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is the willingness to fight harder than a competitor for what you want. As a designer, as a scholar, as an athlete, I have always striven to be extraordinary, and I have put in the time with the necessary drive to be the one who places ahead of the competition.


It is the power of people that moves the world. Collaborating over a common interest, a common dream, love or desire. That is what moves us forward. Having pride in what you stand for and sharing it with the people around you. As an athlete, as a designer, as a family member, I am a team player.


I consider myself an artist, a scholar and a competitor. Each day is a step closer to becoming the best version of myself. I work to be a master of task, to learn and prosper both tactically and technically, and I aspire to be apart of your next campaign.

Outside the Designer

Aside from spending most of my day creating awesome graphics, I also like to: hit the gym and lift some weights; go for a hike or run; play soccer or basketball; eat breakfast for dinner; make garden to table meals; blend songs together; perform live concerts while I'm driving.